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The Equipment

On the surface, choosing a home security system may seem like a simple task, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, you should begin with the essentials, ensuring you have the right equipment serving as the core of your home security system to help protect the areas of your home that are the most vulnerable to intruders. Essential security equipment includes a touchpad with easy-to-access emergency call buttons, window and door sensors, a motion detector, a high-decibel siren for the ultimate in intimidation, and last but not least, an iconic ADT lawn sign to serve as a powerful deterrent.

Next, you must take your own unique needs into consideration. For example, would you prefer to have the peace of mind and convenience that comes with having a panic button to instantly activate your alarm? Would you prefer to be able to arm and disarm your home security alarm prior to entering your front door? If so, a key chain remote may be ideal. Lastly, you should receive the right advice by discussing your home security needs with a professional technician with years of experience in the home security industry. By discussing your needs with an experienced professional, you’ll be able to design a home security system that perfectly suits your individual needs. Protect Your Home technicians are professionally trained on the most effective ways of securing your home. They will take the time to thoughtfully answer all of your questions and ensure the job is done right, helping you feel as secure as possible with your new system.

Your home security system may include:

  • Wireless Keychain Remote – Enables you to arm and disarm your advanced home security system with a quick and easy press of a button. Keep it next to your bed for added security.
  • Digital Touchpad – Includes buttons for fire, police, and emergency services, so you’ll receive the help you need as soon as possible.
  • PIR Motion Detector – Detects body heat to alert you if an intruder may be present, and can be specifically calibrated to ignore any pets you may have up to 40 lbs.
  • Wireless Door and Window Sensors – Automatically activates your system when someone attempts to enter your home through a door or window.
  • High-Decibel Indoor Alarm Siren – Emits a loud sound to scare off burglars and immediately alerts you of a break-in.
  • 24-Hour Battery and Power Supply – Keeps your home security system working 24/7, even during a power outage or natural disaster.
  • Window Decal and Lawn Sign – Deters potential intruders and makes them think twice about breaking into your home.

While all of these powerful features will deter and prevent even the most daring of intruders, no home security system is complete without ADT’s renowned monitoring systems. With numerous monitoring centers across the United States, ADT is the nation’s premier choice in home monitoring. Call us to schedule an immediate appointment with an experienced technician who can answer your questions and help you design the perfect ADT-monitored home security system to help protect your family today.