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ADT is the Country's #1 Home Security Company

Life Can Change Pretty Quickly

Has there been a rise in crime in your neighborhood? Maybe you just moved, and are unfamiliar with your new surroundings. Is your family getting larger, and you feel added security would give you peace of mind?

Whatever the reason, you're only doing yourself a favor by improving your home with a quality home security system.

ADT's customer monitoring centers assist in helping protect your home and loved ones around the clock, 365 days a year. ADT home security connects your home to an all-encompassing network of command centers throughout the country.

With ADT's advanced technology and dedication to quality customer service, you will not only feel safer in your home, you can rest assured your family is protected when you're away as well.

If you're concerned about certain safety issues, such as small children at home or regular travel, you may have the most luck with specially designed alarm packages that address your unique requirements instead of a one-size-fits-all alarm system.

SafeStreetsUSA, an authorized ADT Dealer, will strive to make sure your home is equipped with a robust and high-tech system capable of defending your home against any intruder, helping to keep your family safe and secure, allowing you to sleep easier at night. We designed our equipment with these goals in mind.

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